Business Consultancy & Valuation Services

Design and introduction of financial, costing, management information, management accounting, internal control and internal audit systems.
Preparation of comprehensive financial and cost accounting manuals and internal control and internal audit manuals.

Evaluating and testing of accounting and connected software for efficacy, user friendliness and security features.
Assisting with migration from legacy systems to ERP software including data validation and Testing.
Assistance with selection of appropriate software for accounting and related applications Information Systems Audit.

Assisting in the evaluation of new projects that include techno feasibility studies, project cost, its financing pattern and preparation of project profiles and feasibility reports.
Assistance in preparation for Public Issues, Private Equity/Venture Funding

Rendering advisory services on economic, industrial matters including government policies and procedures on approvals, taxation, foreign exchange, foreign investments, joint ventures, collaborations, capital market and listing requirements.
Assistance in preparation of application to regulatory authorities such as RBI/ FIPB and obtaining approvals and carrying out negotiations with collaborators and in drawing up of agreements in line with International practices.
Assistance in preparation of Shareholder’s Agreements, Non Disclosure Agreements etc.

Carrying out pre investment appraisals, due diligence reviews and rendering connected services including drafting of agreements.
Preparation of schemes for acquisitions, amalgamations, mergers and demergers and assisting in obtaining statutory approvals.

Carrying out study to identify reasons for financial and, industrial sickness and suggest measures for revival.
Preparing schemes for capital restructuring, financial reconstruction, obtaining approvals from regulatory bodies.
Assistance in preparation of reference application before BIFR, and related consultancy.
Assistance in negotiating with banks/CDR mechanism for getting approval for revival package.

Valuation of business/ share for acquisition/ disposal/ merger/ demerger.
Valuation for compliance under Foreign Exchange Management Act.
Valuation as per directions of Company Law Board for corporate dispute resolution.

Filing of various documents to be filed online and maintenance of various statutory records.
Assistance in preparation and filing of various applications/ petitions before Registrar of Companies/ Company Law Administration/ Company Board Benches.
Representation before various authorities in connection with petitions/ applications filed before them.
Application and representation for compounding of offences, netting of receivables/payables in foreign currency under FEMA.
Representation before various authorities in connection with petitions/ applications filed before them.

Providing information/ advice to management for business restructuring, planning of product lines, pricing policies, etc.
Strategic planning for operations/ risk assessments/ implementation and monitoring of risk mitigation steps.
Advice and assistance in preparation of Employee Stock Option/ Purchase Schemes.
Assistance in the matter of product costing, price fixation and other management decision making.

Recruitment of management personnel, imparting training in financial and costing, management accounting and secretarial areas.