Audit and Assurance Services

At Varma & Varma we take pride in offering audit and assurance services for companies incorporated in India. We have vast experience in rendering continuous services to corporate companies, MSMEs, SMEs, Banks, Non-corporate companies, NGOs, and Start-ups. Our wide range of services include:

Statutory Audits

Audits carried out under specific enactments of law:

  • Audit under the Indian Companies Act, 2013 for all public and private companies.
  • Audit of Banks (Central Office and Branch Offices).
  • Audit under LLP Act, 2008

Internal Audit

We excel in internal auditing or management audit through an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity that are designed to add more value, improve and optimize your organisation’s operations. The process we employ improves the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance.
The scope of the internal audit includes:

  • Efficacy of operations
  • Cost control
  • Compliance with statutes
  • Safeguarding assets
  • Ensuring the reliability of financial reporting.

Audits for International Group reporting and consolidation

We conduct audits for subsidiaries of foreign companies that involve reporting to an independent auditor of the parent company. This service also involves preparation and reporting in the group auditors pack sent to an Indian subsidiary.

Due Diligence/Special Audits

We place years of experience and expertise to offer due diligence audits that involve in-depth audit and analysis in relation to takeovers, financing, share issues, et al.
Our special audits cover specific scope in agreement with the top management of a company. Such audits undertaken, will have an in-depth analysis that include: proprietary of transactions, investigation into fraud, existence of assets, etc.